Bajor, the homeworld of the Bajorans and their faith-centered culture, flourished more than 25,000 years ago. Its history fostered many master artisans, architects, and builders who constructed a world of advanced technology and beautiful sights. Once a peaceful planet within a remote region of the Alpha Quadrant, Bajor's isolated serenity was shattered with the invasion of Cardassian Occupation forces.

From 2339 to 2369, 10 million Bajorans were killed, but despite the brutality of the government implemented massacres, freedom fighters in the mountains of Bajor never ceased their struggle for independence. When the Cardassians finally retreated from Bajor due to the phenomenal resistance, a period of chaos and unrest ensued, with only a Provisional Government holding together the people of Bajor. Though victorious at last after forty years of military occupational rule, Bajor itself was in ruins. Famine, drought, disaster plagued the land where there was once plentiful food. The government subsequently requested the United Federation of Planets to assist in administering the abandoned Cardassian mining station orbiting their world.

The remote position of Bajor made it a lonely planet in a system with little interstellar traffic. But the sudden discovery of a stable wormhole within the nearby Denorios system changed the political status of Bajor completely. With claims to a wormhole which connects to the Gamma Quadrant, Bajor gained immediate strategic value within the Alpha Quadrant.

The current government on Bajor is the Bajoran Provisional Government. Established in 2369, it was originally a make-shift governmental body set up hastily in the wake of the end of the Cardassian Occupation. In the beginning, its authority to rule was controversial because of the shallow premise of its founding. However, this body and its various agencies have been responsible for much of the reconstruction of Bajoran society.

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