Borg Space

The Borg are an immensely powerful race of cybernetically enhanced humanoid from the Delta Quadrant. In an area of space between the Federation and the Necrid Expanse, the Borg rule a vast space consisting of thousands of solar systems, most with more than one occupied planet or moon. The Borg exist as a collective consciousness in which individuality has no meaning, and for whom freedom and self-determination are irrelevant. They travel through the universe in their hive cubicles seeking new civilizations to assimilate into their own consciousness, or in their words, "add the biological and technological distinctiveness of to their own".

All Borg are linked together in a giant subspace communications network called the Borg Collective. Mechanical transceivers imbedded within the machinery of each assimilated drone provide the link that negates the need for an established government system. Critical information can be relayed to each Borg through this network, allowing the instantaneous adaptation and reaction to any outside factors. Efficiency is the prime concern of day-to-day operations, and the drive to attain perfection never ceases. It is this driving force that guides the Borg's actions and sets their course towards new worlds. Assimilation for the alien species encountered is swift if they present distinctiveness in technology or behavior.

In their ageless attempt at striving for physical and mental perfection, they've also perfected the means with which to subdue hostile worlds. By broadcasting repeatedly in the species' language the familiar "Resistance is Futile" message, the Borg can dispassionately subject their targets to the depths of hopeless despair, thereby making the process of assimilation even more efficient. This method has been overwhelmingly successful in the thousands of systems that have been encountered by the Borg. All have been included into the vast area of territory known as Borg Space.


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