Cobra Sniper Rifle

The SR-261 'Cobra' Sniper Rifle was created by the Starfleet Special Projects Division in 2383 in response to reported difficulties by Starfleet snipers in eliminating their target with the standard phaser rifle in certain battle zones. This rifle is capable of firing an unguided 'dumb' tritanium 7.62x51 millimeter round at subsonic speeds which allows for a silent and undetectable kill. Another round type is the guided hunter-seeker round which works by exchanging target data from the scope and calculating factors such as wind direction and obstacles in the path of the round. Another notable feature is the modular ability of the rifle, which allows the user to modify the rifle depending on the mission profile. A popular modification is a Mark III target designating laser, placed under the barrel, which allows for friendly aircraft to fire precision guided ordinance on a target. The rifle is powered by miniature pulse phase generator, located in the stock of the rifle which eliminates the need for reloading and gas emissions from the weapon. This rifle is also equipped with a sound and flash suppressor which cannot be removed unless the barrel is interchanged.


  • Rifle Type- Sniper
  • Round Type- 7.62x51mm (Guided or unguided)
  • Power Source- Mark 1 Pulse Phase Generator
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 Rounds
  • Weight: 12 pounds (fully equipped)
  • Primary User: Starfleet Special Operations, Starfleet Marine Corps
  • Length: 3.23 feet long
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