Tractor Beams Typically located at key positions on the ship's exterior hull. Employs superimposed subspace/graviton force beams which, when focused on a remote target, physically manipulate objects at any relative bearing.

Transporters -
Emitters Externally-mounted pad-type array. Transmits the components of the transporter ACP and matter stream to or from the destination coordinates. Includes a phase transition matrix and primary energizing coils.

Transporters -
Targeting Scanners Specialized sensor devices used in the first phase of a transport operation. Determines transporter coordinates, including bearing, range, and relative velocity required to access remote transport destinations. Positive lock must be acquired before the transport sequence can proceed.

Universal Translator Provides real-time, two way translation of spoken languages by sensing and comparing brain-wave frequencies of the communicating parties, then selecting comparable concepts to use as a basis for translation.

Subspace Radio Communications system using transmission of electromagnetic signals through the subspace medium rather than through normal relativistic space. Permits communication across interstellar distances at faster-than-light speeds. Very distant operations often require the use of Starfleet's subspace relay stations.

Data Network Fiber data-transmission conduits. The communications backbone for the ship's network of central and distributed computers, sensors, and control systems.

Computer Core Primary computer hardware. Quantum-enhanced design. Cylindrical chamber housing the central computing system; including memory storage in the form of dedicated isolinear optical storage chips. A vessel may contain up to three of these cores distributed among localized processors. Malfunction of the central computer can disrupt the operational efficiency of many ship systems.

Shields Energy fields used to protect the vessel from physical impacts or energy bursts resulting from natural hazards or enemy attack. Shields typically absorb the incoming hostile energy in an amount proportional to the level of the shield's energy. After a hit, the shield's full power is restored automatically over a period of time.

Navigational Deflector Forward-looking directional deflector. Uses considerable power to push aside debris, meteoroids, and other objects that might collide with the ship while in warp.

Power Distribution Network Electroplasma delivery system, including all subconduits, routers, and couplings. Also includes traditional electrical voltage supply. Feeds power to all areas of the vessel not directly powered by the propulsion system.

Matter/Anti-Matter System High-efficiency warp power generation system. Includes the M/ARC, where matter and anti-matter is intermixed in a controlled annihilation process to provide energy for warp power and ship systems such as the defensive shields, phaser array, tractor beam, the main deflector, and computer core.

Warp Drive Power transfer conduits and warp engine nacelles tuned to achieve maximum warp factor of 9. Part of the warp propulsion system, used for faster-than-light travel. Powered by the Matter/Anti-matter Reactor Assembly (M/ARA). Energetic plasma generated by the M/ARA is delivered to the warp engine nacelles by the power transfer conduits.

Impulse Drive Propulsion System. Generates conventional impulse reactions to provide thrust for sublight speeds. Powered by one or more fusion reactors that employ deuterium fuel to generate helium plasma used by the engines.

Tricorder The standard tricorder is a portable sensing, computing, and data communications device developed by Starfleet R&D and issued to starship crew members. It incorporates miniaturized versions of those scientific instruments found to be most useful for both shipboard and away missions, and its capabilities may be augmented with mission-specific peripherals. Its many functions may be accessed by touch-sensitive controls or, if necessary, voice command.

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