Species: Eri (also referred to as Eristans)

Date of Contact: 57523.5

Appearance: Humanoid; Various shades of brown eyes; They have pronounced browridges extending from the brow area of their eyes most notably similiar to the extinct Homo Erectus of Earth. The top portion of their nasal cavity extends slightly past their brow ridge to their lower foreheads with their ears having slight inlets on them at centerpoint. Their skin tones generally range from dark tan to black. General Asthetic features most closely resemble those of Africanas orgin.

Average Height - Adult Males: 177.8 centimeters
- Adult Females: 162.56 centimeters
Average Weight - Adult Males: 68.03 kilograms
-Adult Females: 45.3 kilograms

Notable Customs: The Eri greet one another including strangers by placing their left hand over the center chest of the person whom they are meeting and then dropping it back to their side

Native Home system: Eri
Capital Planet: Erista

Type of Government: Federal Presidential Democratic Republic
-Current President: Usani
-Current V. President: Zakgreif

Backround: The Eri account for the closest native ally of the Federation and neighboring people/system of the Megiddo system within the Gamma Qudrant. Their ideals and ethics most closely resemble that of the Federation and they are currently under review for membership. Despite being a century behind in technology to the Federation their advances in medicinal substances and medical sciences have superceeded the Federations in various ways with their ability to gain susbstantial value from more natural elements. Anthropoligists most closely relate them to the native peopl of Earth's African Confederation region even though there are signifcant differnces in beliefs and heritage. Their arts and music however is remarkably very similar. They hold their hertiage and more native culture in high honor and preservation despite theri advnaces in technology and research over the millenia. They are the largest trade partner with the Megiddo system with Megiddo Colony and Lenar being known as the 'Twin Hubs' of trade in the parsector. The Eristan Vanguard fough valiently on the ground during the initial Saq'Kara attacks on the two systems and the Eri were known for their generous humanitarian aid and support afterawrd during the early stages of colonization on Megiddo.

Home system to the Eri

M Class Planet
The inner-most planet of the Eri system, it has the highest climate temperatures as well as the most frequent geological activity. Containing more barren desert area than any of the other planets in this system is is often used for miltary training puposes by both Erisitan and Federation. Many inhabitants live here as well as many native desert dwellers in between the citys' limits.
Population: 23.4 Billion
1 Moon

M Class Planet
Containing more lush areas of forrest and jungle as well as savannah grassland, this planet still contains a fair portion of desert. Unlike Atun however there are many more oasis available making the desert area not so barren. This is a very large trade planet containing more ports and commernce than any other planet in the known qudrant except for Megiddo itself. There is a heavy authoritative presence because of the continuous attemps at illegal arms dealing through legal channels and terminals.
Population: 67.8 Billion
4 Moons

M Class PLanet
The proud capitol of the Eristans, it's geology and climates are very well balanced most similar to Earth. It is the home of the capital buildings of the Eri political system and home to President Usani.
Population: 2.4 Trillion
7 Moons

M class Planet
Much of the Ersitans acclaimed medical and medincal research is done and created here. The greatest native minds of the gamma qudrants gather here for various conferences and meetings. The Federation continually sends represenatives of its own here on a daily basis. It is a remarkably beautiful planet yet also the most conservative in nature.
Population: 1.2 Trillion
2 Moons

This planet is most reknowned for it's highest miltary presence and educational institutions. Many high griots and preists also gather here to preserve the native culture and archive past events with historians.
Population: 652.1 Billion
3 Moons

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