The Galor class is a group of starships used by the Cardassian Union. Galor class destroyers have a low profile, are long and narrow and are usually painted in a burnt orange color. The ship has a special raised semicircular 'head' at the front, containing the bridge and command section; this head contains one yellow impulse engine. The navigational deflector dish and forward disruptor cannon occupy the bow; the deflector color may vary from blue to yellow or orange. Two additional impulse engines, various disruptor cannons and two warp engines are embedded in two large fin-shaped extensions to port and starboard. A fork-shaped disruptor beam weapon sits at the far aft protecting the stern. Starfleet Intelligence believed that 63 new Galor class starships were built in an average year. The Galor class starship is the backbone of the Cardassian fleet, much like the Excelsior class starship is to Starfleet, and formed the basis for the Keldon class starship.

The Galor Cruiser is the workhorse cruiser of the Cardassian Empire. Though technologically inferior to the ships of the neighboring Federation and Klingon empires, the Cardassians made up for the failing by producing Galor Cruisers in bulk. If their cruiser could not be of higher quality then they would make sure that they always had the advantage of greater quantities.

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