Species: Gellas

Date of Contact: November 2383

Appearance: Roughly human but with green colored skin and eye color ranging anywhere from white to blue to green and hair color ranging from no lighter than a golden brown or auburn to a midnight or raven black.

Notable Customs: Customs differ between the five nations.

Home world: T'Gellan

Government: Five major nations, all run slightly differently, but whose leader is part of a five member worldwide council.
Onathrey - A matriarchal constitutional monarchy whose crown is passed down from mother to 'most fit' daughter upon giving birth to a granddaughter. It is the King who is the council member, however, leaving the Queen better able to serve her people.
T'nanday - A republic whose council member is voted upon and replaced every five years. No council member may serve two consecutive terms but they may alternate terms. There is one reported case where a husband and wife team alternated back and forth for nearly fifty years before one of them died of old age.
Threshan - A dictatorship for the moment. It had once been a monarchy but economic hardships and an oblivious monarch caused a 'peasant's revolt' roughly two decades ago. The new leader appears to be doing a better job, at least as far as the 'common folk' are concerned, but it's still a dictatorship. The council member is appointed by this dictator.
Faeraway - Not known. A loosely connected nation of nomadic tribes. This nation does not actually own a hunk of land to call its own. Instead, the people themselves seem to be the nation, regardless of where they are in the world. Due to this very loose association, it's not understood how they elect their council member. The tribes are quite insular. Each tribe has its own particular style of tattoos that each member is branded with not long after birth. This tells the tribes apart and effectively prevents the entrance of strangers. The tattoos are expanded upon throughout life but meaning is unknown at this time.
Finadaq - A relatively new democracy type. It pulled apart from T'nanday and Threshan roughly five hundred years ago. Three parties make up the cyclical political structure, each one is in power for ten years. The council member is voted on from the particular party in power at the time and serves on the council for the ten years the party is in power. A rather eclectic place, similar to the United States at the turn of the 21st century. Note: This is where the research team settled in.

Geography: The planet is mildly larger than Earth, but not appreciably so. An individual weighing 100 lbs on Earth would only gain approximately ten pounds on T'Gellan. This planet sports only one major landmass, broken up into differing regions by mountain ranges. The water to land surface area is nearly 3 to 1. The climate is warmer, more humid than Earth's, resulting in much more jungle and only one major desert. There is no southern ice cap and the northern ice cap is much smaller than Earth's.

Technology: In general, the tech level is comparable to twenty-first century Earth. However, there is no record of any major effort to reach the stars, though there are satellites of a Hubble nature. The natives seem content to watch the stars without visiting them. Despite this sophistication, the average Gellas lives a mostly tech free life. The use of electricity exists. Radio exists on a wide and complicated scale, but television does not. Neither do telephones. Communication on an individual scale is achieved via couriers. Fabrics are made of processed plant fibers with nothing synthetic added. Climate control is achieved within their houses, which are usually made of wood and a clay brick like material that remains mildly spongy to the touch but is impervious to fire and nearly indestructible. Medically wise, they are about as up to date as twenty-first century Earth. There is no reported use of fossil fuels or the invention of the combustion engine. They skipped right over the gas guzzling SUV phase and went straight to hydrogen fueled vehicles using electrochemical conversion.

Religion: The general consensus seems to be that they are all fruits which have fallen from the great world tree. This seems to keep matriarchal/patriarchal scale even as the male's 'seed' cannot 'bear fruit' without the 'fertile ground' of the woman's womb. However, this religion does not look kindly on homosexuality. Threshan has banned homosexuality completely since the revolt, T'nanday and Onathrey do not allow marriages between same sex couples, and Finadaq allows it but imposes heavy taxes and other penalties on the couples. Faeraway is the only nation to truly accept homosexuality. On the other hand, trees don't make war.

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