Gremlin Mark 2

The Gremlin Mark 2 is a projectile side arm, that fires a projectile, other wise known as a bullet using ancient Earth technology, its is the favorite weapon of a few Marine officers in the field as it is capable of going through shields unlike some phaser weapons. the Gremlin "Slug Thrower," as it has been affectionately called by Marines who have used it, is capable of going thru the Shielding of a Borg drone that would otherwise adapt to a Type 2 hand phaser as well as the Types 3 and 4 phaser Rifles.

The Gremlin gets its design from an ancient weapon designed by the Hecklor Koch corporation that lasted until the late 22nd Century. There are currently over 30,000 Gremlins in service and it is usually issued to Marine Officers and non commissioned officers. Use on a Starship has been limited due to the unpredictable nature of the Slug and the possible damage it can caused if fired near a vital system.

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