Gremlin Mark 3

In 2381 the need for a replacement weapon for the Gremlin Mark 2 was brought to the drawing board. While the Gremlin M2 had proved its self reliable during the Dominion war, the slug thrower technology was obsolete in and of itself. The Marines had come to rely on it to much and StarFleet could not keep up with the demand of the Marines to manufacture slugs for the Gremlins so they sought out to design an all new Gremlin, similar to the Hand phaser, a Side arm that could be used by Starfleet Security Forces and the Marines alike.

in 2383 the Gremlin M3 design was created. The StarFleet Corps of Engineers was presented the task of designing, building and testing the M3 before mass production would begin. The SFCE decided to do away with the Slug thrower approach and equipped the new side arm with both the beam, and pulse capability along with parts to convert it to a slug thrower if needed.


From its inception the Gremlin Mark 3 proved to be a reliable replacement to the Mark 2 and no major design changes were needed. As of 2385 allocations had begun to incorporate the Gremlin M3 into the Armories of both Federation Starships. and Marine units. The first allocation of the new Gremlin was to Space Station Megiddo, the Four Horsemen Marine Division at Megiddo and the Station's attached Starships.
Used in Combination with the Scorpion Mark 1 the SFMC's field arsenal is like none seen since it first receieved the Type 2 Phaserrifle two decades ago, giving the StarFleet Marines a slight edge over most hostile forces currently known by the Federation.

The Megiddo Marine Force Recon Team SORT unit currently carries the Gremlin Mark 3 as its primary side arm for Officers and non coms.

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