The following is being posted as news that happened in July of 2008.

We lost Major Steve Sharp and Michael Eaverts. They put a lot of effort in to the construction of the wiki.

Here is Major Sharp's goodbye message.


When I joined Megiddo four years ago, I never thought I would amount to anything on the site, but this wiki has been my greatest triumph, Tonight as I set off on a new journey, the memories and the countless hours of building the Wiki with Drawde along with the anticipation I had on opening night will remain with me forever. This Wiki is the culmination and legacy of everything I ever did at Megiddo, both good and bad, it is my hope that the friendships I have made with many members of Megiddo will transcend the bonds of time and last forever.

"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." - WB Yeats

This wiki was my dream. I leave it to you. Tread softly my friends. God bless you and I love you all.

Steve Sharp *Hailing Frequencies Closed*//

Ship Wiki's
Several of the Megiddo members are building up their own wiki sites. IF you would like your wiki available in the side bar of Megiddo's wiki, please contact Admiral D'Rinax or Major Sharp and we will add your wiki to the list.

Welcome Everyone!
The crew here at megiddo.wikidot.com would like to again thank everyone for their input! Without all of you this site would be nothing. IF you find something that you feel needs to be posted here please let one of the megwiki staff know and we will get it added as soon as possible. This wiki is a never ending project so keep the submissions coming!

Startrekmegiddo.com gets its own wiki site!
Major Sharp, Head of Megiddo Logistics, with the help of others from the site have created this wiki for everyone to use. Please contact him or Admiral D'Rinax if you would like to add something to the data. We would be more than happy to oblidge as long as it fits in with Megiddo guidelines.

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