Species: Kendrasi or Kendrassi
Singular: Kendrassan, Plural: Kendrasi

Physical appearance

Average Height: Male - 6'2 Female - 5'7"
Average Weight: 310kg
*Skin color: Light orange to dark brown
*Eye Color: Emerald Green or Blue-Gray
*Hair: Black to light brown

  • There are cases of Kendrasi with very pale, Caucasoid complexions, pale and/or deep blue eyes, and auburn to fiery red hair. These persons, however, are very rare; in 8 out of 10 examples they are female ( males are even rarer ); and they have extremely high ESP, telepathic/empathic quotients. In the Clans, these people are held in very high regard and are almost always appointed Clan shaman or advisor to the Dre. The Kendrasi have no true name for these people. But one of the Jesuits, Father Ferris O’Dell christened them “abs liber deus”, from the Latin, literally meaning “The Children of God”.


In the days beyond “the Gatherings”…before the formation of the Clans…there were no less than 1,000 tribes. All of whom were in a constant state of war with one-another. In time, some tribes were completely wiped out, while others were defeated and absorbed into that tribe whom had bested them in battle. By the beginning of what was their Renaissance period only 80 of these tribes remained. Although feuds still existed between a number of sub-tribal elements it was generally agreed upon that the days of the large, all-out tribal conflicts were at an end. The tribes began to mingle…to trade goods, systems, and ideas…and even to inter-marry. It was the beginning of “The Gatherings”….A time when several of the most powerful, affluent, and influential among the tribes began to speak publicly, using words such as “unity”, “purpose”, “growth and progress”. And from this time the original 15 Clans came into being.

In the beginning of the Kendrassan 20th Century a conflict arose within the The Council of Fifteen. A Kendrassan aircraft had not only broken the speed and sound barriers, but had accidentally pierced the upper atmosphere for a time. This event prompted many to dream of interstellar travel and exploration. Others, however, saw such thinking as blasphemous and foolhardy. Heated debates between the two ideologies spawned two political factions: the Progressionists and the Traditionalists. As well as a situation which eventually deteriorated into the Kendrasis’ first, and only global armed conflict. It was a war which raged for 10 years and came very close to decimating the planet and population. What followed was a schism in the Council and a Cold War period which lasted until the arrival of the Dominion.

Society (…Physiology )

The Kendrasi are stronger than the average human but have about the same intelligence. They have four digits on their hands and feet and have a V- shaped ridge on their forehead from the top of their nose to their hairline. Large ridges on a male are a sign of strength and fertility hence there are few (if any) clan leaders, or Dres with small ridges. The most insulting thing you can say to a Kendrassi is that they have small ridges.

Under certain emotional and climate conditions the Kendrassi's eyes can and will change back and forth between red, blue, brown and green, depending on their moods and emotions. Also, their forehead ridge will submerge beneath a secondary layer on skin in the forehead/facial regions.

The Kendrasi are quick to anger and slow to forgive. In the old days feuds between clans could last for decades. Each clan has their own laws but males and females are considered equal in most with the exception of the Kl'van and the At'alla.

Principle Powers

The Council

10 of the 12 clans are loosely aligned in a council, similar to the united nations of Earth in the 20th century. The council was first proposed by the Kl'dar and the Ak'lara, two of the most powerful of the clans, and originally consisted of all 12 clans. It was originally set up as a way of coordinating defense against the Republic (Much like NATO) but the council was abolished after the Dominion arrived.

After the Dominion ended their occupation of Kendrassa Prime 10 of the tribes reentered the council, the Wa'ress and the Ak'lara suffered greatly at the hands of the Dominion, their lands were strip mined and became all but unhabitable. They blamed the Republic for bringing the Dominion in the first place and chose not to rejoin the council because it was planning closer ties with the Republic. They are both against any form of alien presence on the planet, be it Dominion, Starfleet or otherwise.


Clan Ak'lara

Were one the most powerful of the clans but suffered greatly at the hands of the Dominion. They joined with the Kl'dar to form the council and were once the most out going of the clans. Their leader saw the need for unity but when he was executed by the Dominion the whole clan's attitude changed.

The Clan was founded by Ak'lara Onyred and has remained under the leadership of the family-proper since its inception. It was Dre Ak'lara Aralekath who was executed by the Dominion, along with his elder, favored mate and his eldest son. Unknown to the Dominion, the Dre anticipated his death and made arrangements for his second, "brood mate" to be hidden away. She was pregnant at the time and has since given birth to a daughter, Ak'lara Aleladien. Kl'dar Carebeth, the child's mother, co-rules as Sh'Dred…Clan Regent.

Location: Mideastern Continent
Capitol City: Aeridea - Population: 80,000
Domain ( States ): 15
Provinces: 27

Clan At'alla

A Minor clan from the northern arctic continent. They are mostly self sufficient and do not trade or communicate with the other clans except through the council.

Although it was At'alla Githramir who founded the Clan, it has changed non-familial hands several times over the years. It is now led by a former Ga'dot clansman, At'alla Elówyn.

Location: Northern Arctic Continent
Capitol City: Kaevian - Population: 10,000
Domain ( States ): 10
Provinces: 27

Clan Ga'dot

Another minor tribe from the north. They were at one time mortal enemies of the At'alla and border raids still occur between the two but nothing like the wars of the past. The Ga'dot are open to the idea of peace with the Republic but do nothing without the approval of the council.

Sh'Dre Ga'dot Legil-Gandil rules this Clan. It is said she harbors strong desires to one day occupy a seat on the Council.

Location: Northern Arctic Continent
Capitol City: Ierindi - Population: 10 -15,000
Domain ( States ): 10
Provinces: 11

Clan Le'tris

An important clan, based in the highlands of the eastern continent. They are fierce warriors and were the basis of the Kendrassan resistance against the Dominion. They are also noted artists. They protect their borders carefully and are prominent members of the council.

Dre Le'tris Darenn co-rules Clan Le'tris with his mate and 2nd cousin Jenimer Mara, and brothers Tannier and Hedronn. But there is tension and intrigue here. A clan is traditionally led by one strong Dre or Sh'Dre. And within Clan Le'tris there exist two additional pretenders to the seat of leadership.

Location: Eastern Continent; Highlands
Capitol City: Aedrassa - Population: 75,000
Domain ( States ): 12
Provinces: 70 (small to mid-range)

Clan Le'vao

Another important clan, they live on the plains around the eastern highlands, they and the Le'tris were once the same clan. They eventually split but maintain a close trading and defense relationship.

Dre Le'Vao Morann Mara is the brother of Jenimer Mara and cousin to Dre Darenn. He doesn't always agree with the decisions of the Council, but he will rarely disobey.

Location: Eastern Highlands; Plains
Capitol City: Erassa - Population: 30,000
Domain ( States ): 10
Provinces: 60

Clan Je'orlan

This minor clan is a satellite clan of the Kl'van and is mainly agricultural in nature.

There has not been ruled by a true Je'orlan in centuries, but retains the name of its founder, Je'orlan Thalerin, out of respect and admiration. Clan leader at this point is Dre Je'orlan Zalewen Seilla.

Location: Insulă Bogat Pământ ( Island of Fertile Earth ) between the Eastern and Western Continents
Capitol City: Yenulla - Population: 30,000
Domain ( States ): 45 villages
Provinces: 0

Clan Kl'dar

The most powerful of all the clans. They are arrogant and are mainly thought to control the council. They control a large territory from the west coast of the eastern continent to the Le'tris highlands. They are proficient in agriculture, science.

Dre Kl'dar Gil-Gamir rules Clan Kl'dar and he is the 8th clan leader to carry the name of its founder. It is said that the other Council members only breathe with his permission.

Location: Eastern Continent
Capitol City: Donaren - Population: 600,000
Domain ( States ): 100
Provinces: 55

Clan Kl'van

This small but powerful clan is an offshoot of the Kl'dar. They claim an island chain between the eastern and western continents. They are on friendly terms with all other clans and are noted for their advanced assassin and intelligence agencies. It is believed that they carried out more than 300 acts of sabotage and espionage against the Dominion and were responsable for assassinations of 37 Dominion officials including a founder.

The only clan leader who prefers to use a military rank and not the Dre designation is Colonel Kl'van Sadda Dabrylla. A woman and a red-haired psychic/telepath/empath.

Location: Urmă de pas Prada ( The Footsteps of Prada ) The island chain between the eastern and western continents
Capitol City: Tisara - Population: 90,000
Domain ( States ): 30 islands of varying sizes
Provinces: 200 village/provinces

Clan Ney'chow

This small farming clan is located on the smaller western continent and have little contact with the others.

Dre Ney'Chow Perom is the clan's leader and chief landowner.

Location: ( Second, Smaller ) Western Continent
Capitol City: Tsakyri - Population: 20,000
Domain ( States ): 8
Provinces: 6

Clan Ma'barey

The most powerful clan on the western continent. They distrust the Republic but at need have limited trade and contact with them. They are the second most prominent member of the council.

Dre Ma'barrey Robryn is clan leader. And while he and the Ma'barrey have no great love or trust for the Republic they also strongly distrust Dre Gil-Gamir and the Kl'dar. During the Council/Republic Cold War, several attempts were made on Robryn's life…one of which took the life of his first mate and one of his eyes. The Ma'barrey know that the assassins were of the Wa'ress Clan. They suspect ( but have no concrete proof ) that the Kl'dar were behind the attempts.

Location: Western Continent
Capitol City: Kyrindor - Population: 450,000
Domain ( States ): 50
Provinces: 25

Clan Sw'tanna

A small agricultural protectorate of the Ma'barrey and source of most of the Ma'barrey's food and livestock. They are skilled farmers and their land on the central plains of the western continent are among the most fertile on the planet.

This clan is jointly ruled by the cousin of Clan Ma'barrey's Dre Robryn, sh'Dre Belleza Oscura and Dre Sw'tanna Chuva, whose expertise with farming and animal husbandry are renown across the planet. And regularly refuse offers from the Unified Kendrassan Republic for citizen- and membership.

Location: Far Eastern Continent
Capitol City: Vasali - Population: 35,000
Domain ( States ): 16
Provinces: 9

Clan Wa'ress

Deeply distrustful of offworlders because of the Dominion Occupation. They despise the Republic and are suspected to have been responsible for assassination attempts of government officials (these claims, however, have never been conclusively proven). They are nothing like they were before the Dominion and were once among the most educated and respected of all the clans. But their war of resistance against the Jem'Hadar has left their lands blasted, their cities in near-total ruin, their resources depleted, and their citizens sick and starving.

Dre Wa'ress Gweodyyn Tiyo is the current ruler of the clan. Though he has recently abdicated to stand trial on Outpost Jericho-Samaria for his alleged involvement in recent assassinations and attempts on the lives of Ambassador Al'Chada Kdor and Khouri-Kaz Elva. The clan is not so much secretive as they are separated. And though they appear to be cautiously shunned by the other clans, they have the unspoken respect of several clan leaders. They are hard line Traditionalists with a reputation which puts them somewhere in the midst of being renegades and outlaws. Their motto is a simple and foreboding one: "Ye who are not with us, be against us". There is currently a secret operation in progress, headed by Dr. Akaara Arji, to give aid and relief to the Wa'ress while their Dre stands trial.

Location: Southern Continent
Capitol City: Shanera - Population: 60,000
Domain ( States ): 55
Provinces: 100

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