Klingon Empire I

The Klingon Empire is built upon the foundations of courage, honor, and bloodshed. The source of many of their traditions and customs comes directly from the legends surrounding the founding father of the Empire, Kahless the Unforgettable.

Legend has it that the messianic Kahless fought and killed tyrannical Molor with the first Bat'telh, the sword of honor. Oral tradition tells that Kahless dropped a lock of his hair in the lava from the Kri'stak volcano, then plunged the burning lock into the lake of Lusar and twisted it into a blade. After forging the weapon, Kahless wielded it to defeat Molor and in honor of his victory, named his weapon "bat'telh", or sword of honor. The tale of the sword was never recorded in the sacred texts, but passed down verbally through the ages among the High Clerics. Another tale relates how Kahless fought his brother, Morath, for twelve days and twelve nights, because Morath had lied and brought shame upon his family. The Klingon beliefs of the afterlife are also associated with Kahless, who , shortly before his death, pointed to a star and promised that he would one day return there. Klingon clerics established a monastery on Boreth, a planet orbiting the star Kahless had indicated. To this day they are still waiting for Kahless to return. Klingons believe ever after that warriors who die honorably will join Kahless in Sto-Vo-Kor, the afterlife. Such are the epic stories of courage and valor that have shaped the Klingon ways for over a millenium.

Founded 1500 years ago, the proud Empire now covers a great expanse area of space in the Beta Quadrant. The Klingons are a warrior race, whose emphasis on physical prowess and brute strength did not diminish with the arrival of interstellar travel and high technology. All Klingons worthy of the title must be able to wield the traditional ritual weapons such as the bat'tleh with honor. Hand to hand combat is their preferred manner of battle, though the Klingon Disruptor is far more destructive. Religion and tradition are highly revered, and through countless rituals and songs, the Klingons remember their past ancestor's glory.

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