Sector: 524
Coordinates: C5
System Name: Maneria System
No. of planets: 5
System Description: Class G Yellow Star

Home system to the Manerian race, a once space faring race that fell victim to a bioweapon delivered by the Dominion.

Planet Name: Maneria III
Class: L Class
Race: None
Description: The Manerians once mined the planet and it's moons various resources. During their conflict with the Dominion, all structures were destroyed. No reports on any survivors. The Manerians were forced to abandon the planet, moons, and all mining operations.
No. of moons: 4

Planet Name: Maneria IV
Class: M Class
Race: Manerians
Description: Home to the Manerian race. In 2380, The USS Megiddo came to this planet after tracking a low frequency signal. It's crew found a handful of survivors that were victims of a bioweapon attack by the Dominion. All plant and animal life are slowly dying. In approximately two years, the planet will no longer be habitable. All survivors were taken aboard the Megiddo and transported back to the Medical Facilities of the Megiddo Colony in hopes to find a cure to counteract the effect of the bioweapon.
No. of moons: 2

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