Setup For Outpost Jericho-Samaria

Think of the planetside Outpost as a + - like or "Wheel" configuration.

Central Complex

- Operations Module - Upper Level (i.e. DS9 and/or other starbase setups)

- Central Offices - Upper Level - CO & XO - Command Center
Ground Level - Department heads; Main Briefing Lounges & Outpost Mess Hall

- Intelligence

- Engineering

- The Director of First Contact

- Diplomatic Corps

- Flight Control - Subterranean Level Alpha - Shuttle bays and landing pads

Northern Complex

- Medical - …Will be known as "JS Medical Center"

Western Complex

- Sciences

Eastern Complex

- Tactical & Strategic Ops Center

- Security

- Detention/Brig

- Amory

Southern Complex

- Civilian Businesses (i.e. Promenade - AKA "Salyilden Plaza") - This area contains all of the civilian-owned businesses (bars, taverns, specialty shops, restaurants, law firms, etc) on the Outpost-proper.

Attached Facilites

- Living Quarters - A pair of highrise structures near the Central Complex, for both visitors and Outpost personnel - AKA Alpha & Beta Towers
- Aux Shuttle Pads/Tube Train & Monorail Stations - located between the "spokes" of the +-shape. Six surface shuttle pads and train stations in all.
- Transporter Control - Chiefly it's in the Central Ops Module, with the Main Transporter Station in the Central Complex's ground level and 2 transporter stations in each complex and auxiliary location.
- Outpost Power Core - Located in the Underground beneath the subterranean level. There will be at least 4 additional power stations spread throughout the area.
- Subterranean Level - Houses Shuttles; cargo and storage areas; and an underground tram system for transport of sensitive materiel to other Outpost locales. The sub level can be accessed by shuttle from off-planet and transporter on the Outpost. Shuttles land on a pad that operates like the "elevator" gantries on aircraft carriers.
- Communications Array - Located on Kendrassa Prime's moon, Vânator - which means "hunter" in the Kendrassi language - and 1 on the surface near the Central Complex.
- Taylor-Kane Orbital Support Station AKA "Sky Harbor". Facilities, crew compliment, and set up is outlined in this thread's bottom post.
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