Jericho Beta Habitat

The entire structure covers several miles in all directions; is shaped roughly like an octagonal dome; and has 7 sectors. There are 5 sectors above ground and 2 sectors below ground level. Two Levels officially.

Each sector is broken up into sections, from 01 to 30…01 to 15 Alpha; 16 to 30 Beta.

Level 1

At the bottom/ground level is BROWN Sector, which is occupied by races of a militant and/or military nature.

Above that is WHITE Sector, which contains the temples, libraries, and meeting areas for all the races' religious beliefs.

Above that is the RED Sector. It does have living quarters (reminiscent of mini resort hotels) but it is primarily for venues of sporting events; gambling; bars; brothels; and other commerce….Recreation for all the races.

Above that is BLUE Sector. It is designated for the various embassies and for business conferences. There are also several standard restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

Above that is YELLOW Sector, which is primarily permanent living quarters. Yellow Alpha is for Ambassadors and their senior staff; Yellow Beta for all others.

At the very top is GREEN Sector, which is set up for those races who grow and/or cultivate their own food, own livestock, etcetera.

Level 2

Beginning 1 mile below ground level is….

Below that is BLACK Sector. A portion of this area contains the habitat's power core and generators, who's set up was inspired by the Borg….a redundant system where as if one or two generators fail another instantly kicks in. It also houses the water reclamation and waste recycling systems.

But there is a large portion of BLACK which was requested by the Judon for unrevealed reasons, and whose access is RESTRICTED to Outpost command staff.

Jericho-Beta can only be reached by a single transporter, JB-1 , and a tube train. Both connect to an attached reception facility officially called Gambit One (as in the opening gambit of a chess game), but jokingly nicknamed "Doormat 1" or "Ellis Island". It consists of security checkpoints at both the tube station and the transporter; a Brig/detainee area; a medical station; and lounge for the Gambit One on-duty staff.

Three turbo-lifts are available to enter Jericho-Beta. But once inside, travel between levels and sectors is by either monorail or by foot.

Officially, Sigourney is prohibited from operation with the habitat, by request of several paranoid governments. But anyone who has simmed on the Outpost knows that Sigourney has a mind, and a life of her own. Sigourney will find a way.

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