Phase Grenades

Like most military units the need for a grenade is absolute, in 2345 StarFleet designed its first Phase Grenade, the current design is similar however the blast radius is greatly increased. Phase grenades are can be used in both an open environment or the enclosed environment of a starship. Generally used to clear large areas or corridors, they can be set explode at a certain radius and even set on a timer. Once the button on the top is pushed the grenade can be disarmed but the disarmer has normally 10 seconds unless the timer is set for longer. Phase Grenades were used with success against Jem' Hadar and Cardassian troops during the Middle and Later Stages of the Dominion war.


The lethality of phase grenades can be equated to the Ancient Earth Fragmentation Grenade but many who have come incontact with the Phase Grenade have equated it to the burning of a Ancient Earth White Phospherous Grenade.

Extensive training is given to Marine and StarFleet Security Personelle on the correct use of this weapon. Its deployment in the field is usually determined by the Ranking Marine officer in the field or Ranking Security Officer. On a ship however explicit Permission from the StarShip CO is required before being used on board a vessel due to the damaging quality of this grenade.

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