Remans are the humanoid, at least partially telepathic, inhabitants of the planet Remus. They have been the slave labor caste of the Romulan people since at least the 22nd century and have been forced to work in the extremely hazardous dilithium mines of their world. As Remus is a tidally locked planet, the Remans live on its dark side, and thus are extremely sensitive to light. Some Remans, if not all, possess telepathic abilities similar to those shown by Vulcans and Betazoids.

Among the Romulan people Remans have historically been known as great warriors, as such Romulan senators often had Reman bodyguards in their employ to intimidate possible opponents.

Remans were used by the Romulan Empire as "cannon fodder" during the Dominion War, and were often deployed in the fiercest engagements.

In 2379, the Remans usurped the power of their Romulan overlords in a military coup, installing their leader, Shinzon (in actuality a Human), as the new Praetor of the Romulan Senate and thus the empire. As an act of war against the Federation, Praetor Shinzon, with his warbird the Scimitar, then attempted to destroy Earth.

However, with the destruction of the Scimitar at the Battle of the Bassen Rift, after Shinzon's supporters on Romulus turned against him, the bid for Reman superiority was prematurely ended.

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