Saq Kara

Name of Species: Saq'Kara
Date of Contact: 56496.9
Appearance: Little is known, but we can only assume they are fierce, strong, muscular, and gruesome. They have deep yellow glowing eyes.
Notable Customs: None known.
Name of Homeworld: Unknown
Type of Government: Unknown
Misc. Information: On stardate 56496.9, a Saq'Kara vessel decloaked and attacked the USS Sheppard without warning around orbit of Megiddo III, the home planet for the Megiddo Project. Much is still unknown as to what exactly happened aboard the Sheppard, but many of the officer's aboard were brutally attacked and killed by whatever came from the Saq'Kara vessel. Those that were not immediately killed were biologically transformed by an unknown alien entity. Those transformed began to turn into what can only be presumed to be Saq'Kara bodies.

The only known Saq'Kara tendencies are to attack without warning and attack others in violence. Saq'Kara are also presumed to be telepathic. Limited sensor data from their ship was collected due to the USS Megiddo destroying the ship once it was in range. UPDATE:
Originally a species of scientists and explorers 10 millennia ago from the Andromeda Galaxy. By using a highly advanced method of travel called a coaxial warp drive, their vessels of exploration carried them to vast places in the universe. This warp drive enabled their vessels to "fold space" and instantaneously travel across long distances. To return to places of great intrigue, they would drop and hide a beacon on a moon or a stable planet and activate it, so that a destination point would be initiated, rather than picking a random spot in the known universe. This allowed them to return as often as they wished to study scientific phenomena or to keep an eye on anthological points of interest.

During a massive turning point in their history, they turned from being peaceful, scientific explorers to become a race of warriors. Their enemy was relentless in their attacks, so the Saq'Kara ( a name in their native tongue that means "Military") used their scientific background to create and bio-engineer warriors with one purpose - kill and continue killing.

The Saq'Kari warriors were relentless - and three hundred years after their war began, the last of their enemy was annihilated. Yet, the end of the war did not stop the military. Full of aggression and violent intent that was bred deep within their chemical make-up, they were not able to control their ways, and soon turned on their own people. The original soldiers first bred to fight the war became leaders of their own military groups, and chose a commander. He took the name of "Saq'Kara", and he ruled with an iron fist. Soon, however, they were unable to keep the peace between themselves, and war between the ruling military broke out.

One of these warriors, named Ta'kara, used his scientific knowledge in biological warfare to create a super virus that his own warriors were immune to, but would kill the other warring clans. Soon, the other clans were creating their own biologics and using it against each other. Added to the constant bio-engineering experiments being done to create a better warrior, the viruses mutated and spread through the Saq'Kari like wildfire. And with each transfer of the virus to a victim, it would mutate again, always altering itself to protect its own existence and design. The only ones who seemed immune to the constant changes of the virus were the ten original soldiers, and as time past and centuries long forgotten, they became the progenitors of their own races, each taking the name of the original solder they were bred to fight for: Saq'kara, Ta'kara, Dul'kara, Xeo'kara, Rae'kara, Jav'kara, Nuy'kara, Ga'kara, Fas'kara, and Qua'kara.

These ten soldiers, the need to fight in their blood, used the same vessels their people had used for exploration and used them to bring death. They eventually found their way back to the Gamma Quadrant using one of the beacons placed there by their ancestors. Once in the Gamma Quadrant, they began attacking all they could find, in a desperate attempt to quench their thirst for battle.

As more centuries past, the virus never stopped mutating, and every couple of hundred years, the new people infected with the virus would end up being biologically altered. Their faces, their bodies, their internal structure - nothing of what they once were remained. Once a victim was attacked, who and what they were was replaced by a creature loyal only to its progenitor.

The Gamma Quadrant beacon was placed on the home world of the Borani, who at the time were in the stone age when the ancestors of the Saq'Kara first explored as scientists. However, when they warriors used their vessels to travel to the Gamma Quadrant, the last thing on their minds was science. They attacked the ancient Borani, who were unable to fight back. However, a Borani chief discovered the beacon and destroyed it - and the Saq'Kara never returned.

4000 years later, modern day Borani archeologists were excavating a primal village and the beacon was re-discovered. They activated it, which signaled the Saq'Kara vessels in the Andromeda Galaxy, who by this time had no use as beacons for their travel. However, curious, they ventured to the beacon and discovered a new area to find new warriors for their battles with each other.

Their first attack was on the USS Shepard, which not only introduced them to Starfleet but back to the Gamma Quadrant. Their modern warriors, grotesque creatures who did not resemble their original humanoid form, attacked to replenish their numbers from the battles with the other clans, yet discovered that Starfleet were formidable warriors.

Virus Make-up

The virus, mutated countless times since its creation, is injected into its intended victim through the sharp, razor-like claws of the attacker. Once the virus enters the system, it attacks living tissue and rebuilds it and reshapes it until what is left is a living Saq'Kara warrior who is prepared to continue passing the virus along.

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