SB-14 'Tesla' Taser Stun Baton

The SB-14 Stun Baton is lightweight, compact, close-quarters weapon that is used in lieu of a phaser in close combat. The baton is telescopic and can extend up to two feet in length. The baton uses a standard electrical or plasmatic pulse to stun a threat, this is commonly used during police actions where deadly force is not authorized or a prisoner needs to be subdued. This baton has three settings of Light- for the first level of engagement, this setting causes pain in the affected area; Medium- for the second level, this sends a plasmatic pulse upon contact with the skin which spreads across all of the nerve endings and causes an intense burning sensation. Heavy- for the third level of engagement. Sends both electrical and plasmatic pulses along the skin and will render any being unconscious for up to two hours depending on the extent of the contact. The baton is powered by a sallium-krellide battery that is self charging after a brief period of inactivity, usually two minutes but up to five minutes for the higher settings.

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