Scorpion Mark 1

During the years following the Dominion war, great advances were made in phaser technology, a request was made of the StarFleet Corps of Engineers from the SFMC. A request for a better Phaser Rifle. The Marines requested a new weapon that could suppliment and eventually replace the Type 3 Phaser rifle which had been a standard weapon in StarFleet. The Marines wanted a weapon that would unlike the Type 3 Phaser Rifle would withstand Sub- Zero temperatures, be able to handle the extreme conditions such as Zero Gravity that the Marines had to fight in and a weapon that was Capable of taking down any target that was in its path. During the years of 2377-2381 great strides were made by the Corp of Engineers to give the Marines what they wanted. A weapon of high Caliber. Many prototypes were created and tested but none matched up to the Marine Corps' exact specifications.


Finally in August of 2382 a year after the the most promisiing design yet failed in the field, an Engineer by the name of Lysle Rigger developed a design for a battle rifle that fit the needs of the Marine Corps. A prototype was built and after passing test after test after test it was decided to mass produce 20 of the battle-rifles and allocate them to the Marine Unit in the Megiddo Sector of the Gamma Quadrant for further field testing. The Marines in the Megiddo sector had been known to run weapons into the ground yet still accomplish their mission. The results were phenomenal, not only had the SCoE created a weapon that could do exactly what the Marines wanted, but it went above and beyond the normal perimeters set by the Marines right after the Dominion war. The Star Fleet Corps of Engineers dubbed the new Weapon the S 1 but after further testing and coaxing by the Marines at Megiddo it was renamed the Scorpion Mark 1.

The Combination of the Scorpion Mark 1 Battle rifle and the Gremlin Mark 3 Side arm has given the SFMC an edge over most of the threat forces that the Federation currently recognizes. Marines are required to place Marksman on all their Weapons but Sharpshooter on the Scorpion M1 and the Gremlin M3.

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