Type 3 Phaser Rifle

Typically, phaser rifles were equipped when heavier firepower than the type 2 phaser was required. The 2360s version of the rifle could be modified with the use of a tracking light mounted on the central body, as well as a shoulder strap designed for ease of carrying. This version was allocated to many Galaxy and later class starships and was even found on Deep space 9 The compression phaser rifle was a new phaser design used aboard Intrepid-class starships such as the USS Voyager.

More advanced phaser rifles capable of firing pulse bursts as well as the standard beam were used in the 2370s. These rifles hve a pistol grip in back and either an "underbarrel grip" or a second vertical grip underneath the barrel (similar to conventional firearms of times past), and are capable of being modified with various types of scope, barrel and power cell. Another rifle variation currently in service , and used during zero-gravity operations in the Borg incident of 2373. This phaser rifle was a return to the two-handed grip seen on Galaxy class Starships, possibly due to the awkwardness of handling a rifle from inside of a pressure suit. A Modified version of this weapon has been equipped to fire a phase grenade from a seperate launcher under the barrel of the weapon.

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