Accommodation: Unknown.
Dimensions: Length, 604 meters.
Mass: Not Available.
Number of Decks: Not Available
Armament: Not Available.
Similar in design to the D'deridex-class warbird, the Valdore type was a large, fixed-wing vessel, ranging in color from dark-green to brown.

With a wingspan roughly 900 meters wide, the vessel featured a large section extending forward to create a down-sloped head shape. Warp nacelles were connected at the end of each wing with impulse engines mounted aft. The hull was marked by distinctive "feather" shaped plating.

Ships of the Valdore type featured several forward-mounted disruptor banks located on each wing and some on the forward section of the ship. The command center of the Valdore type consisted of a roughly circular room distinguished by several console positions.

With computers lining the rear bulkheads, a center seat or command chair and free-standing console were flanked by two additional stations.

As another contrast to the D'deridex class, the viewscreen of the Valdore type was oval shaped.

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