Vor Cha

The Vor'cha class could match a Federation Galaxy class starship during combat, despite its considerably smaller size. Although a massive ship for most missions, it is the battlecruiser mainstay of the Klingon fleet and has mostly phased out the aging D7 and K't'inga class cruisers, the latter of which are still used as support vessels in a fleet.

The design of the Vor'cha class is similar to the classic D7 class battlecruiser with a forward "head" supported by a thick horizontal neck running aft and attaching to a larger secondary hull with an impulse engine module on the dorsal side. A large disrupter cannon is mounted at the front of the "head". The Vor'cha class has two warp nacelles that are canted at the end of pylons. The warp nacelles of Vor'cha class vessels appear to have been influenced by Federation starship design as the nacelles are cigar-shaped with red Bussard collectors instead of traditional Klingon cruiser nacelles which are rectangular and emit a green or cyan color.

Some non-canonical sources suggest that the primary bridge module is capable of being launched from the rest of the ship, to act as a lifeboat.

The Vor'cha class was probably first put into service during the mid-24th century in response to the growing tensions with the Romulans and the Federation. This starship class served in many of the major crises of the late 24th century such as the Klingon Civil War, the Klingon-Cardassian War, the Klingon-Federation War and the Dominion War; several cruisers were lost to Dominion and Cardassian forces.

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