Species: Zentazi or Zentaz

Physical appearance

Average Height: Male – 5’7 to 6'0 Female - 5'0"
Average Weight: Males: 150 lbs Females: 125 lbs

*Skin color: pale yellow or brown down-like feathers
*Eye Color: Blue
*Hair: Males have a thick Mohawk-like crest running down the center of their heads, starting just between the eyes and stopping at the nape of the neck. The Females have a pointed tuft of feathers where Human ears would be.

The Zentazi are an avian (bird-like) species; one of two in Jericho-Beta…the other being the Torr. They are a devoutly spiritual people, who customs and society resemble that of Earth ancient Asian royalty and Bhuddist monasteries.

The Zentazi spokeperson is Ambassador Shannael or the Zentaz word for Ambassador, Skaa'tani….which means "respect"…."Bow".

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